Gladstone Competition Results

This competition was held at the Gladestone Inn for many years until it changed hands with the new owners wanting no part of this popular hunting competition. With no competition in 2017 there were a lot of disappointed hunters. It was Rusty Morrison, Rob Dick and a few others that got the ball rolling this year and with the help of social media it was only a matter of weeks before they got the competition up and running again. They approached Gary Riddle, the president of the Gladestone Sports Complex and the venue for the competition was secured. What a great venue it turned out to be to hold a hunting competition, with a large sealed area to work on and an extra large carpark. I have officiated at the Gladestone Comp nearly right from when it was first started and this year is the most entries I have seen. There were 144 open entries, 15 junior and over 100 kids entries. Out of the 144 open entries 20 of them were lady hunters, which is the most I have encountered at a hunting competition in my long judging career.  The ladies did themselves proud, just look at the results. The weather was not very nice for the hunters. The cold southerly storm that swept up the country bringing snow, heavy rain and avery cold strong wind with it did not help much. However this did not deter the hunters and at the end of the weigh in there were 16 boars and 28 spikers on the rack in the open and junior categories. Not to be left out the kids were out there doing the hard yards as well and they brought in the most critters I have seen at a competition all year. Their catch included 46 rabbits, 48 hares, 31 possums, 28 turkeys, 34 magpies, all up 187 critters. This was a top effort. The Gladestone family hunt had a very large prize pool and some amazing sponsors. Waiararapa Machinery sponsored a new JD drive on mower, Sargent Motorcycles a kids quad bike, Hunting and Fishing a Stoney Creek jacket, Collins and Brady Hunting & Outdoor supplies a 308 rifle, Hazlett Rural Ltd (Sam Black) .22 Rifle package, Stihl Shop a new chainsaw, Angela Williams a 20 minute flight in a Tigermoth for 2, including lunch and coffee and the list goes on. A big thank you must go to Rusty Morrison, Rob Dick and Emma McGreggor for putting on a great competition. Thanks also to Fin Morrison and the rest of the crew who helped out with the weigh in. The Gladestone family hunt will be a place to be in 2019.


Heaviest Boar

1st Brad griffiths        74.5 kg

2nd Briar brooking     62.3 kg

3rd Abby Diederich    62.2 kg


Average Weight

Matty Mason          45.1 kg

Best Tusks Lance Stevenson 17 1/8 NZDA


Heaviest Red Stag    

Zac Carson     77.1 kg


Average Red Spiker

Mark Donald 56.6 kg


Heaviest Fellow Buck

Briar brooking         47.9 kg


Average Fellow Buck

Dan Locker    29.8 kg



Heaviest Stag - Layton Donald 

Heaviest fellow Buck - Fred Riddle    43.3kg





1st  Penny Swindlehurst

2nd Victor Duysh

3rd Harry Carlson



1st Wilson Sparks

2nd Mathew Hall

3rd Oscar Nicol



1st Jacob Gibson

2nd Hamish Bunny

3rd Page McGreggor



1st Wilson Sparks

2nd Victor Daysh

3rd Hamish Bunny



1st Jackson Wright McLead

2nd George Firth

3rd Vinny Swenson


Heaviest Combined Weight

1st Victor Daysh

2nd Wilson Sparks

3rd Jackson Wright McLead