Greta Valley Competition Results

Greta Valley comp was once again well organised by a group of parents as a fund raiser for their school and the Scargil play group. Once again they had a lot of prizes to hand out and it was good to see that every entrant in the junior section received a prize. For a lot of these kids this is like Christmas as they all crowd the stage waiting to hear their name called out to collect a prize. These younger ones are the future of our sport.

The weigh in started slowly for the first hour until the hunters trucks started pulling in behind each other which made the second hour go fast. We are still having problems with hunters not preparing their animals properly making our job far more time consuming. The reason that we remove the arse, throat, Pizal and offal is so that the animals can cool down quicker so that there is less likelihood of the meat going off and when one animal has something removed then all of the animals have to be presented the same so there is no unfair advantage. One of the great tools that this competition has had every year is a set of cattle scales which makes weighing animals so much easier as we don’t have to lift animals up we just lay them on the scales. By the end of the weigh in we had 30 boars, 23 stags, 5 goats and 8 fish. 

The publican from the Greta valley bar, Bones ran the pig carrying competition and for the smaller ones they got to run the course carrying a duck. Some of these younger ones are fit little fellas that will one day be the guys and girls that will be bringing in the big animals. We did have one big boar weighed in by Kane Spinks that he received two ton tops for.


Heaviest boar
1st Kane Spinks              207 pounds
2nd Darryl Orchard        158 pounds
3rd Sophie Wood           156 pounds

Average weight  
Neil Boocock                  114 pounds  

Best tusks
Sam Curtis                       17 2/8

Heaviest Stag 
1st James Manson           335 pounds
2nd Andrew Wilkinson    284 pounds
3rd Simon Bayley              271 pounds

Average weight

Phil Jones                       213 pounds


Best antlers

Simon Bayley                 280 4/8


Heaviest fish

Tim Rutherford             2.2 kg


Junior section 

Heaviest boar 

Shanaya Nickless            115 pounds


Heaviest Goat 

1st Josie Loe                      123 pounds

2nd Tamati Washington  75.5 pounds 

3rd Logan Gardiner          65.5 pounds