Horarata Competition Results


The Horarata comp is run by locals as a fundraiser and is always well supported. Once again Rebecca Smith had put a lot of effort and time into this comp along with Ben Southern. The weather played its part with a nice day for the weigh in. They had the usual pig carrying comp and the possum throw which always get a lot of the crowd involved. Once again Tairi Mullen was in the winning this time with the biggest boar. This guy must be one of the luckiest pig hunters around as at most comps he either has a winning boar or wins a major spot prize.  



Heaviest boar

1st Tairi Mullen     185 pounds

2nd Brad Watson   168 pounds

3rd Brent Shearer  144 pounds

4th Taylor Cleland  143 pounds

5th Scott Carnochan 140 pounds


Average weight Jack Hill 125pounds 

above average Dillian Wright

below average Caleb Mathews


Best Tusks 

Tairi Mullen 


Heaviest Stag

1st Rodney Inch        279 pounds

2nd Daniel Encell      258 pounds

3rd Andrew Bower   228 pounds


Best red antlers Jack Hill

Best fellow antlers David Hynam


Junior Heaviest boar

1st Cooper Holland     161 pounds

2nd Jono Irving             147 pounds

3rd Jade Mckay            122 pounds