Mahoenui Pig Hunt Results

Well it only seems like yesterday since Bob Jeffares and myself went over to Mahoenui Hall to have a meeting with the locals to set up this pig hunting competition. Eleven years on and the Mahoenui comp is going stronger than ever.


Rosemary Briggs and her team have the Mahoenui competition running like a well oiled machine and this year they had a record number of entries, 143 in fact. Entrants from this comp come mainly from Taranaki and the King Country, but there were some from the Taupo area, Bay of Islands and the Coromandel.


In the weeks prior to the Mahoenui comp it had been very wet here in the King Country and I though we would be in for some atrocious weather for the weigh in, like the previous 2 years. The weather however cleared for the hunters and the weigh in day was more like a brilliant summers day than early spring.


There were 30 nice boars on the rack at the end of the weigh in, 2 up on lasts years effort. It was the kids though that had a really good competition this year, with 95 of them entered. They brought in 16 rabbits, 30 hares, 47 possums, 67 turkeys and 41 goats, 201 critters in total.This is the most I have seen at Mahoenui.


The Mahoenui competition has some very generous sponsors and a very big thank you to all of them. I would like to thank George Flemming and Lyn Adams who helped out with the weighing and recording of the critters for the kids and Raputu for doing the kids prize giving. Also thanks to Heather Griffin and her team who kept the food up to everyone. Being such a nice day, the barmen Mark Coleman and Robin Briggs had a big and busy day. It was a great day, great comp, great people and let’s do it again in 2019 Mahoenui.




Heaviest Boar

1st James Ruki 76.4 kg

2nd Karl Turner 74.3 kg

3rd Paul Kearins 71.4 kg

Average Weight Chris Knightly 49.6 kg


Best Tusks

1st Adam Black 18 4/8 NZDA

2nd Warrick Neal 18 NZDA

Mystery Weight Warrick Neal 43.2 kg




1st Jackson Morris 4.18 kg

2nd Lewis Griffin 3.94 kg

3rd Kyla Prime 3.86 kg



1st Karstyn Burke 9.94 kg

2nd Lochie Prime 9.8 kg

3rd Indy Brookes 9.78 kg



1st Oscar McFarlane 2.12 kg

2nd Kasey Rogers 1.9 kg

3rd = Connor Briggs, Riley Sanson, Grace McFarlane 1.88kg



1st Ceiran Rogers 3.96 kg

2nd Shane Gilbraith 3.66 kg

3rd Cassidy Bell 3.64 kg



1st Ngakau Gray

2nd Reece Omelvena 80.2cm

3rd Connor Gorrie 74cm