Manunui Club Results

On the 11th August 2018 the Manunui Club held the annual Tup Woods Memorial Boar Hunt. Simon McKenzie, Tony Bryant and Ewan McKenzie were on hand to officiate. The weather for this competition was fantastic. The warm sunny conditions were a change from the atrocious weather of 2017. This competition has always been a small one with 40-50 hunters entering. It has a great atmosphere about it with mainly local hunters and we know most of them.


At the end of the weigh in there were 18 boars on the rack and 2 that were under weight. So it worked out to be a third strike rate, meaning 1 out of 3 hunters  brought boars into the weigh in. Tup Woods would have been proud of them.


This hunt was sponsored by Ridgeline Performance Outdoor Clothing and Seriously Outdoors Taumarunui. After the prize giving we sat down to the best hangi meal ever. It was put on and provided by Bill Ham and his team of helpers. Well done guys, Manunui has done themselves proud.



Heaviest Boar

1st Callum blany 69.3kg

2nd Liam kelland 67.2kg

3rd Raymond lacy 63.1 kg

4th Liam kelland 59.8kg

Average Weight Peter Tidman 52.7kg


Best Tusk

1st Peter tidman 19 7/8 NZDA

2nd Cody Marshall 13 7/8 NZDA

Mystery Weight Jordan Birkett 48.2kg