Matiere Competition Results

The Matiere Pig Hunting Committee held the annual boar and stag hunt on the 16th June 2018. Matiere! Where is it? The middle of nowhere and the centre of  everywhere, but actually it’s about 35 min north west of Taumarunui, on the fringe of the central plateau.

The Matiere competition has been held for many years now, one of the longer running competitions that are held in the King Country, or sometimes called Boor Country. Hunting conditions were reasonably good, with only the odd shower, for the 92 entrants hunting for this competition. 

At the end of the weigh in, there were 30 boars and 17 stags on the rack. As we travel around the country officiating at competitions over the last two or three years I have noticed the boar weights are getting smaller and Matiere was no exception, with only one decent boar being weighed in.  This was a boar or 811kg or 178.4lb, caught by Waitera boar slayer, Carl Turner.  I have officiated at some comps, a few years ago, where you had to have a boar of 190lbs plus to even be in the money.

The hard luck prize at the Matiere comp would have to go to Carl Carmichael and his brother Doug.  Their dogs bailed a good boar 160lb plus. Carl had a shot at the boar and missed and the dogs flew in for the hold and got badly cut up. So it was a quick stick job. Leaving the boar there, it was a fast trip to the vet to get the three dogs patched up. Next morning they went back to get the boar to take to the comp. After arriving at the scene of the battle, no boar, and after an hour of searching there was still no sign of the boar. The only prize Car and Doug got hunting for the competition was a huge vet bill, that’s pig hunting! To make sure this does not happen again, make it a killing shot and remove the guts boys. 

The kids brought in some nice big fat as turkeys, rabbits and eels. They had a happy day. A nice hangi meal at the end of the day was provided by Mike Marshall and Troy and Phil. The Matiere competition has some very good major spot prizes; The fishing trip for approx. 10 people, sponsored by Dove Charters, Kawhia, was won by Simon Groshinski. The $800 chopper trip voucher went to young Poara Herlihy and Ruahini Tanning. The taxidermy voucher was won by Willy Reeves. The $500 went to Craig Herlihy. A days fencing or fencing or fence repair went to Pork Hutchinson from down Whangamonona. The sponsors draw for the night at the Whanga Pub went to the farmlands group.

A big thanks to all the sponsors the Matiere comp and to Simon McKenzie and Tony Bryant of my Ridgeline Team.