Ohura Competition Results

Ohura is a small country township that is a bit off the beaten track. The town nearly died after the sawmill shut down, but now with the tourism industry in the King County increasing the town is starting to come alive again. The Cosmopolitan’s annual pig hunting competition brings in an influx of hunters and spectators and is the biggest event of the year for the town. Entry numbers were up this year, maybe due to the inclusion of the new category of red stag and fellow buck. The weather played the game this year with 3 days of good fine weather for the 100 hunters entered in the competition. At the end of the weigh in there were 23 boars and 7 stags on the rack. Neville Neal from PioPio had a real good comp. he caught the heaviest boar for the competition weighing in at 83.3 kg or 183.26 lb, and it also had the best tusks which measured 20 5/8 NZDA. He went home a happy chap, approximately $1500 better off. His wife Janine won the painting raffle, painted by Peter Holbrook from PioPio. Peter is over 80 and still goes out for a hunt and paints in his spare time. He travels around the competitions in the King Country with his paintings and gives 25% of his proceeds to the comp organisers, from his raffles. 

At Ohura this year there were 5 major spot prizes. The early bird entry draw was won by local farmer Brett Cambell, the chopper trip went to young Tane Angus of Ohura, the quad bike tyres were won by Faye Christenson, the night for 2 at Mokau Motel went to another local Flynn Burkett, as did the Friday night draw for $500 to Josh Groshinski. The kids had a good comp as well with 20 turkeys, 12 rabbits, 10 magpies, 10 hares and 17 goat heads measured. A big thanks to Shani and Toia Angus who put together some games for the young ones while the weigh in was in progress. Another big thanks must go to Holly Stevenson who put in many hours of work to make this competition a big success. Also thanks to Mike Tibby, Byron Chittick and Cindy Munroe. Thanks to the bar staff and the ladies who prepared the burgers and chips. I would like to thank Holly and Cindy, on behalf of my Ridgeline team, for the awesome food they gave us throughout the day. Ridgeline Performance Outdoor clothing and Accessories were the major sponsors of the competition.

The Ohura Cosmopolitan Club would like to thank all the sponsors and all the loyal hunters who support this competition every year. The people of Ohura have done themselves proud putting on this competition.




Heaviest Boar

1st Neville Neal 83.3 kg

2nd Paora Herlihy 68.2 kg

3rd Shaun Makara 65.1 kg

4th Shaun Makara 53.4 kg

Average weight Stella Waghorn 46.7 kg


Best Tusks

1st Neville Neal 20 5/8 NZDA

2nd Sam Whittaker 19NZDA


Red Stag

1st Peter Abbott 106.9kg

2nd Flynn Burkett 90kg


Fellow Buck

1st Paul Herlihy 57.7kg

2nd Paora Herlihy 56.9kg

Best Head Paul Herlihy


Kids section

9-11 years Rabbit and turkey combined weight

1st Brooke Christenson

2nd Stella Waghorn

3rd Toia Angus


12-16 years Magpie, Turkey, Hare combined weight

1st Hunter Heitana

2nd Tara Gower

3rd Nicholas Head


5-8 years Rabbits

1st Benji Marshall

2nd Lockey Coleman

3rd T-Man