Rotherham Competition Results

Weigh in for this competition was on the 1st of July. The weather gods had been good for the weekend with the full moon out allowing hunters to hunt right through the night and a lot of hunters took advantage of this. Once again Wayne and Miranda Paget put a lot of work into organising this competition of which the funds were going towards the local swimming pool. I was told last year that the publican Keith Benwick had the place on the market so would not be around this year however the pub has not yet sold so Keith was there again. He had also donated a spot prize of $500 cash which was won by Jacob Crow.

Most competitions recently have had a lot of deer weighed in but this comp had a lack of deer with only 2 weighed. When I look back through the results of the same competition the year before I see that they only weighed in 3 deer then as well.

This year we weighed in 30 boars 12 sows and the 2 deer where as last year there was 22 boars, 13 sows and 3 deer. Another not so nice statistic is the danger that our dogs face and last year Curtis Morgan turned up with a tragic story of how the 103 pound boar that he weighed in went over a bluff with two of his dogs and all three were dead at the bottom. This year Michael Inglis lost his main dog on a 136 pound boar. This is one of the hazards that we hunters face every time we go out hunting.



Heaviest boar

1st Matt Bailey             165 pounds

2nd Bryn Rain                164 pounds

3rd Tim Johns                145 pounds


Average weight pig over all

Kevin Henderson         112 pounds


Heaviest sow 

1st Brendon Simpson   134 pounds

2nd Matt Bailey             132 pounds


Best tusks

Dave Lang      18 2/8 


Heaviest deer

Josh Hickey                 200 pounds