Toko School Competition Results

This marks the end of the wild boar hunting competitions for the Ridgeline Judging Systems Teams throughout New Zealand. It has been a very good season for the pig hunting competitions all over the North Island with an abundance of wild boars in most areas. Bigger numbers of boars are being weighed in at the comps. This certainly was the case at the Toko School Wild Boar Hunt with 31 boar on the rack at the finish of the weigh in, the most ever. This year the team has officiated at a lot of competitions and the Toko comp would rate among the top comps for quality boars, just look at the results!  Taranaki hunter Brett Collett brought in a monster boar which weighed in at 116.2 kg or 225.6 lb, that he caught over in the King Country. This boar also had a very good set of tusks which came in 2nd in the tusk section measuring 21 2/8 NZDA. Score. It always amazes me when a big boar comes into a competition, how quickly there are 20-30 expert judges all of a sudden. But none of them want to join the Ridgeline Judging Team. This year Alison Eagar, Paul Kowalewski, Miles Waite, Gemma Smith and Amie Topless have done the Toko School proud with their organisational skill and putting on such a great event. A very big thank you to all those wonderful sponsors who sponsor this competition every year and to all the other people who helped out on the day.



Heaviest Boar

1st Brett Collett          116.2 kg

2nd Craig Watson       83.4 kg

3rd Michael Johnston 71.8 kg

4th Wayne Baldock    66.2 kg

5th Jack Jordon           64.4 kg

Average Weight Matt Fabish            48.2 kg

Above Average Weight Leighton Johnston 52.8 Kg

Below Average Weight Cardael greenhill   47.6 kg


Best Tusks

1st Bob Scott   23 2/8 NZDA

2nd Brett Collett         21 2/8 NZDA

3rd Mike Johnston      20 6/8 NZDA



Heaviest Combined Weight

1st Charlie Wishewski           12.5 kg

2nd Sam Watson         11.9 kg

3d Calab Dunn           11.7kg


Best Goat Head

1st Ruby Jordan         75.9 cm

2nd Ash Hawkins        75.8 cm

3rd Gus Waite             71.9cm