Waitomo Cave's Open Pig Hunt Results

This 2018 Waitomo Cave’s Open Pig Hunting Competition 2018 was. This is a memorial hunt for the late Jo Jo Davis and he would have been proud.  331 entrants who brought in a North Island record 95 boars, for a single species competition.  The Waitomo Cave’s Competition is one of the larger competitions in the North Island and it attracts pig hunters from all over the Island, from the far north to Lower Hutt in the south and  from the east and west coasts.  The large number of entries in this competition is due to the extremely large prize pool. The average weight in this comp is worth $3000, the heaviest boar $1500, the mystery weight $200 plus a 2012 Honda TRX 4x4 lucky draw quad bike.


At times during the 2 ½ hour weigh in the Ridgeline team was fairly stretched but we pulled through OK. At one stage there was at least 40 vehicles nose to tail waiting to have their boars weighed in. At the end of the weigh in there was just about more pork on display than you would find on a pig farm.


As you would expect with this large number of boars there would be some good sets of tusks. It was the best line up of tusks I have seen for some time. I had to measure quite a few sets, as there was not much between them, to get 1st, 2nd and third. The weather played the game pretty well this year with just the odd shower, a full moon for hunting and a dry day for the weigh in. The Waitomo Cave’s Hunt is a biannual competition. In 2014 we had 53 boars, 2016 40 boars, so this year,  with the number of pigs that have been around, I was expecting around 65-70. When we went past the 70 mark I was getting a bit worried about not having enough tags but  it as OK and we ended up with 6 left.


A big thank you to the sponsors: Hunting and Fishing, Peter Glioon Honda, Husquvarna and R W Baker of Suord Knives.  Also a big thanks to Trieste Henry and Kyle Barns, MC’s  for the day, the rest of the Waitomo Cave’s Pig Hunt Committee and to those that helped my Ridgeline Team during the weigh in. Thanks to all those good people who were cooking the superb food on the day. A special thanks to my Ridgeline  Judging Team of Cilla Kenny, Simon McKenzie, Tony Bryant and Glenn Morris who gave up so many weekends to travel around the country judging these competitions. Let’s do this all again in 2010.




Heaviest Boar

1st Paul Peeti 93.7kg

2nd Kevin Maddock 83.2kg

3rd Tayla Ngatai 81.3kg

4th Michael Woodhead 78.5kg

5th Te Ata Kura Murray 75.6kg

6th Shaun Makara 70.1kg

7th Tyna Williams 69.9kg

8th Mark Neil 69.8kg

9 th Gary Woodhead 68.7kg

10 th Reon Ramby 66.5kg


Average weight

Mike Phillips 48.7kg


Best Tusks

1st Kevin Maddock 22 2/8 NZDA

2nd Kamo Te Huia 21 7/8 NZDA

3rd Billy Horn/Shaun Makara 20 2/8 NZDA


Mystery Weight

Chris Brandon 38.4kg